If laughter is the best medicine, Sandy Hackett is a heart surgeon. At 15, he performed before 3,000 people at New York’s Westbury Music Fair. Sandy attended the University of Nevada at Las Vegas where he earned a degree in Hotel Management, then promptly launched himself into the world of stand-up comedy.

Young Hackett honed his comedic skills on stage at the famed Casbar of the Sahara Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (never heard of it?… then disregard the word “famed”). Before long, Sandy was working the Playboy and Comedy Club circuit nationally. He got additional seasoning in aisle 5 of the neighborhood supermarket. A casting director for CBS saw Sandy and hired him for a TV pilot. As fate would have it Sandy got to work with the icons he would eventually create a show about when he appeared with Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra in The Cannonball Run II. When asked what it was like to work with 3 of the greatest entertainers of all time Sandy said “It did wonders for my resume.” It wasn’t long before he landed a feature role in “Hot Dog, the Movie.” This was followed up with a starring role in “Hamburger. The Motion Picture”. What was his next movie? (Make up your own joke; we’ve heard them all.) In 1988 Joey Bishop was shooting a pilot for a TV game show called Joey Bishop’s Punchline. Joey handpicked Sandy to work with him to develop the project.

Although known primarily as a comedian, Sandy has worked as a dramatic actor in the films “Jack of Hearts”, “Lovers & Liars”, and “Ex-Cop.” In 1998, he played District Attorney Martin Siegel in the acclaimed PBS series, “On Common Ground.” Sandy’s next film was also a drama, “The S.I.N.,” a political thriller in which he portrayed private detective Bud Chelzer. He then appeared, singing and dancing, in a new musical holiday spectacular called “Twas.” Does Sandy look familiar? He had starring roles in “The Indie-Pendant” and “Down & Derby” with Pat Morita released in 2005. He just appeared in the independent sitcoms “Papagallo” and “In-Focus.” You can also look for him as the head of the family in Wise Guy Rentals an organized crime dramedy.

Sandy has entertained audiences in just about every venue imaginable, from TV and Film and the main showrooms in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, to theaters throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and even New Zealand. Schedule permitting Sandy still loves doing stand-up.

When HBO announced it was going to do a movie about the Rat Pack, longtime family friend, Joey Bishop, called Hackett and said “Sandy, I think you’d be perfect to play me!” Hackett replied, “Uncle Joey, that’s great! Who do I call? What do I do?” Bishop said, “I don’t know! Nobody called me!” The idea of playing Bishop struck a chord with Sandy. Bishop (one of Buddy’s best friends and a man the younger Hackett grew up with) was someone Sandy had long admired. He decided to pen his own show, recreating Bishop and his famous buddies, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. Hackett, together, with his wife producer/director/singer/songwriter, Lisa Dawn Miller, created and produced “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show,” the most successful original live theatrical production of its kind. The show tours nationwide to great critical acclaim, earning thousands of fans from around the globe.

Sandy met his stunningly beautiful and talented wife, while performing on stage. He threw himself on her, bringing the show to a stop. He asked for her number. She kissed him! Now, years later, they have a beautiful family and reside in Los Angeles.